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Church Street Tavern opened its gates in 2014, ever since we’ve been serving great food and beverages to our dear customers. Our restaurant/tavern can be found in more than one place, we are spread out in a few different regions. To start your day off you can always have the best breakfast on the east coast at our place, or maybe you’re late? No problem, brunch is always ready here, just ask for it, we don’t bite! We have a selection of menus, recipes and drinks to choose from, just take a sit, choose your favorite and let us do the rest while you enjoy free WiFi! Oh, did I forget to mention that? We have free WiFi in the building, welcome to the future!

When it comes to more sophisticated meals, like dinner for example we can also take custom orders and deliver them straight to your place. Frequent clients also get free delivery if you’re into that kind of stuff. Dinner is a very important and personal meal of the day, so each menu that includes dinner has a wider variety of ingredients and preparation methods than the other meals of the day.

That being said, I hope I caught your attention and your taste buds, come visit us any time, we are open all week!

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