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Burger Building Contest Is Open!

Burger Building Contest

You might not know this yet, but our Burger Building Contest is on. Believe me when I tell you, it will go down to the last burger standing. Every Monday evening we’ll announce the best burger builders at the tavern, it all starts at around 6PM. Contestants will be able to add anything they wish to their burger, in food and stock limitations obviously. Anyone who wishes to join is free to do so, it’s open to the public. If you feel like you only want to watch the show I suggest grabbing a cold drink, kicking back in your seat and prepare for the start of the event. When everything is said and done all the customers will vote their favorite burger over the course of one week. We’ll crown the winner of the contest one week after the event has taken place and enough votes came through.

burger building contest

We are developing an app for our restaurant. You will soon be able to download for your Android/iOS phones from Google Play respectively App Store. Orders can be placed through the app, delivery is available all over New York City! If your order hasn’t arrived in less than 45 minutes then you can consider the delivery free. Customers will also be able to send in pictures of their best looking dishes that they made at home for our yearly contest or for the burger building contest that takes place this month.

Update : As the first contest had lots of potential winners we came to the conclusion that they too deserve a chance to win. It’s time to start all over, the new contest is a Go! Same rules, same place.

In order to join the contest, you need to build a more than good looking burger and send a picture of it to us using our contact information or through the app once we release it. You could even try sending the whole burger, or the recipe for it but I doubt the post office allows that. On second thoughts they probably allow recipes.

One more thing, please do not send those Instagram filter filled photos of your burgers. They look awful and make some of us hate burgers. As for the dish contest, it takes place all year. Dishes will no longer be limited to burgers only! You can cook whatever your soul feels like cooking and send us a gaze of it in the form of a picture. More news will be published soon on our Facebook page, keep your eyes peeled.

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I am Theodore, I run the Church Street Tavern, a dream I had since my 20's that became a reality once I moved to New York. Come by the tavern when you have time!

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