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Cooking Chicken Made Simple!

Hello, I hope you love cooking chicken because today we won’t be talking about anything else. Chicken is one of those dishes, you know what kind, they have a place in every meal yet they can destroy all the work with one wrong ingredient added. I like to think that cooked chicken fits every dinner and every party. The key is knowing how to cook it and what spices to add, so the meat is tender and juicy, whatever the case. However, if you don’t know much about cooking as a whole and you still want chicken on the table, there are two recipes that you can try and not go wrong with. I can’t blame you if from time to time you have a sweet tooth, that’s why I suggest you take a look at more of our recipes and find the perfect dessert!

Parmesan Chicken

You’ve heard of it, it’s been around for more than cars and boats have existed, ladies and gentleman, Parmesan Chicken! Born in England, Middlesbrough, this recipe is so easy you might as well flick your wrist and be done with it, it’s the Justice League of food recipes. Parmesan Chicken is cooked by preheating your oven, mix the chicken breast with bread crumbs. All of that goes through flour and is then dipped into beaten eggs. Once everything is settled, the cooking of the chicken breast can begin.

The main ingredients include (but are not limited to) : boneless raw chicken breast, beaten eggs, olive oil, flour, sliced bread or bread crumbs, minced garlic, salt, ground pepper and a bay leaf.

Parmesan Chicken Breast Recipe

Chicken Schnitzel

The Chicken Schnitzel might sound familiar, that’s because it is similar to Parmesan Chicken, make no mistake though, they are two separate and different recipes and should not be confused. Still some people might associate the origins of the Schnitzel with Germany. The recipe was in fact popularized in Austria first, only to become a dish in the German cuisine after a short while.

Preparing the chicken.

Line up the chicken breast on waxed paper, beat eggs enough for all your chicken breasts and add grated cheese into the mix to create a paste-like mixture. Dip the chicken breast int the beaten eggs and cheese to create an even coat of mixture on top of your chicken. Season the chicken with spices and cook in a frying pan filled with canola oil for several minutes on each side and serve while the Schnitzel is still warm.

Before you make Schnitzel have your ingredients ready as follows : boneless raw chicken breast, grated parmesan cheese, 1 tablespoon canola oil, 1/4 butter sticks, flour, eggs and beaten eggs.

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