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Yet Another Instagram Food Showdown

If you frequent this blog you may be familiar with this, at least to a certain extent. I like showing off people’s work, even when in digital media form, Instagram is a place full of talented chefs and I took some time to find things that really made me question my food ethics. Welcome to yet another Instagram Food Showdown!

By the way, is there any chance any of you fellas will attend the New York Food Festival in October 2018? Looks like I missed my window this year, 2 months too late.

You a big fan of oysters? Luck you! I personally think they are okay, it’s not great food but it works on a pinch. The only reason this is the first on the list is because I want to get it over with. A friend of mine said he is a huge oyster chomper and he would love to have this featured here, so here it goes, just to be clear, the picture is not his, the man just loves his oysters is all! Here’s a big bowl full of them for you.

Cinnamon buns are a dessert worth being enjoyed by everyone, the family loves it, friends love it and your dog loves it when you drop it on the ground. They have been around for years and made our days brighter, let me introduce you to the world’s purest breed of cinnamon buns, ain’t they a beauty?

Following the dessert theme I came across a rare species of cookies! They look awful pretty this time of the year. The best part? They are filled with chocolate chunks and you can learn the recipe here!

As a young kid, I grew up in wild Oregon and I used to go out every day, I love anything that is natural, so I couldn’t keep myself from showing you these berry dominated pancakes. Overall this picture looks great but there’s one thing I will never understand, why do you scatter the food all around the plate? The thing is supposed to be centered and settled, what do you get instead? A plate that looks like it fell from a second story building.

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I’m a big fan of pastry products, doughnuts, loafs, buns, I’m your guy. On a non-related note, I love sight seeing, that’s why you should stop for a moment and take in this gorgeous loaf of bread.

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Whether you like it or not, chicken is and will continue to be embedded in our lives. There’s something eerily strange about this picture though, it contains lime! Don’t be afraid, lime is great and if you haven’t paired it with chicken, you don’t know what your missing out on, son. The ends justify the means, if it tastes good, it doesn’t matter how it was cooked.

Cheese comes in many forms such as melted and grated, but this one is going to blow your mind. The truth is, I know how great a cheese sandwich can be at the end of a hard day of work, wash your pupils with these stringy cheese pulls!

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