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Foreign Dishes Variety Soon To Come

As the grand opening grows closer with each moon, we have decided to mix up our menu. We plan on adding new foreign dishes, from all over the world. From the northern cuisines of Europe to the spicy after-taste of Latin America, to Asian delicacies and back. Each one will be added on our to do lists and you will be able to order all of it, in the restaurant or at home once the app is all ready for release, speaking of which. We’d like some feedback regarding our restaurant’s app, what would you like it to look like, what features should it contain. We also want to add a way to build your own dishes. Say you don’t want onion on your burger, you can just rule onion out as an option, extra sauce and more ways to customize your culinary experience.

We have partnered up with the folks over at legolas fans, they help us, we help them as best as we can, we want to share with you a Clash Royale Hack made by the people that run the website, maybe you play games and you have a hard time trying to get resources, we have a solution. As far as the app goes a friend suggested we should add an account system, for easy management. This way, regulars will get discounts, or extras from time to time, a way of saying thank you for ordering from us on a regular basis.

What to expect after remastering our menu!

The new foreign dishes on the block are led by the almighty German Sausage (Wurst). One of my friends is a vegetarian, I respect his decision, but I don’t know how they abstain themselves from drooling all over the table at the sight of such rare delicacies.

German Sausage Wurst

Fiambre is an Latin American dish usually consumed in the month of November (for some reason). It mostly consists of bunches of cold cuts put together with parsley sprinkled on top. You’ve got some cut up tomatoes and boiled eggs to top it off, but I think I’ll just go for the meat. I suggest you leave boiled eggs out, they don’t add anything worth mentioning. Like any dish in our place, Fiambre is highly flexible, you can opt out from certain ingredients, don’t eat meat? Not a problem! Parsley is too green? It is. You know the drill.

Foreign Dishes Fiambre

Asian Cuisine

The Asian cuisine was the hardest part. There’s so many different regions and so little time to choose just one, so why not choose two? India and China will both have a place in our restaurant with food that will force Genghis Khan to peak through our windows.

The famous Indian Chicken Tikka Masala is made of marinated chicken dipped in curry, it has an orange-ish color and it is usually served hot, like most human foods. Some of you may not be fans of curry, or spicy foods all in all. We also have Chicken Tikka Masala with no curry what so ever, trying to cover as much common ground as possible for everyone!

Chicken Tikka Masala

Chinese take-away is famous in the United States, two elements stand behind the success of the Chinese food industry. Fast delivery time and the multi cultural diversity people are looking for. Dumplings. Bet you didn’t see it coming, nobody expects the dumpling inquisition. Dumplings come in many forms : meat, wheat and flour to name a few. Church Street Tavern will mainly try to focus on meat vegetable filled dumplings. We are completely aware they are not traditional dumplings, but they are Chinese.

Chinese Dumplings

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